A semicircular tool for the measurement and construction of angles. On the flat side of the protractor in the middle is either a hole or cross hairs. This is where the vertex (point of the angle) must go when measuring. Usually a horizontal line goes through this point and from one side of the protractor to the other. Sometimes there are no numbers on this line, but 0° or 180° are measured from here. Along the curved part of the protractor there are number markings (also called calibrations), with 90° in the middle. Most protractors have two sets of numbers for each marking so you can measure an angle from either side. One set goes from 0° to 180° — left to right — and the other set goes from 180° to 0°— right to left. A full circle has 360°. When you line up the protractor along one side of an angle, it will be lined up at 0° (on either the inner or outer set of numbers). This will tell you which set of numbers to read.

Glossary of Art Terms. 2014.

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